Product Description

UHT milk for Ultra Treated Milk is a soluble liquid made by fresh pasteurized skim milk. There is two option outside packaging,one is made of 100% aluminum foil and another one is made of 100% paper;  


Good solubility

Good dispersibility

Low fat content

Clean flavour

Suggested Uses

Mini bar

Take away coffee/tea



Nutritional Information


Shelf life: 6 months

For reduced storage cost and expanded product shelf life Available in aseptic packaging of 1 liter carton Strong packaging with high appeal on the shelves

Trusted Quality 

Our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest global standards in food safety and quality, verified though regular internal and external audit programs.


Our products and ingredients are tested throughout the supply chain, from milk collection through to final product release, using internationally recognized test methods to verify quality and compliance.

Our products are securely packed in multi-wall bags with three layers of protection and labeled to enable full trace back, so you can trust in the knowledge it was made with care.


Multi-wall bag with a paper outer and no any inner plastic, no staples or metal fasteners are used

Net Weight: 25kg

Gross Weight: 25.35kg

Typical Bag Dimension: 84*53*14cm

Storage & Handling

UHT milk is hygroscopic and can absorb odours. Therefore adequate protection is essential. It is recommended that product is stored at below 25°C, relative humidity below 65% and in an odour free environment. Stocks should be used in rotation preferably within 24months of manufacture.