About Nitrile Pte Ltd
Empowering Trade, Driving Sustainability


Nitrile Pte Ltd is a leading trade supply chain and investment platform headquartered in Singapore. Our expansive supply network spans multiple countries, engaging in the trading of diverse industry sectors such as hotel supplies、food and beverages、computing and servers、mining、oil and gas、chemicals、equipment’s、defense goods、security products and more.


We leverage our extensive expertise and passion for commodity trading, sustainable trade financing, and global supply services to provide our clients with solutions that are safe, timely, and tailored to their specific needs. Nitrile's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product offerings. The company actively engages in research and development to explore new eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, continually striving to improve its environmental impact. Furthermore, they collaborate with suppliers who share their values, ensuring that all materials used in their products meet stringent sustainability criteria.


Our core industry competitiveness is rooted in our deep knowledge and innovative approach, ensuring that we stay ahead in the market while maintaining high standards of service. We are committed to our corporate vision for sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into our operations to promote long-term environmental and economic health. Our management team is dedicated to securing trade finance solutions through a comprehensive analysis of our clients' profiles and needs.


With a presence in key locations across Asia, we offer unparalleled value propositions and cultivate enduring relationships with our stakeholders. We are committed to delivering excellence and sustainability in every aspect of our operations, providing our clients with the most cost-effective service solutions.