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A new kind of biodegradable materials have been discovered by scientists, that are made from natural corn, they are capable of biodegrading at a much faster rate than plastic. we launch a new kind of biodegradable and compostable product which made of new material, it is BIODEGRADABLE TRASH BAGS, it can be daily use, collected garbage, trash in the home, kitchen and office, no more plastic pollution for the environment and the earth.


Item Name                     100% Compostable and Biodegradable Cornstarch Plant Based Bags

Size                               Custom, different sizes are available

Material                         100% Compostable Biodegradable Cornstarch

Color                             Green, Yellow, Black, Bule, can be customized

Printing                         Customization available

OEM&ODM                   Available

                                     ✔Can be disposed of in your home compost pile.

                                     ✔ECO-friendly products - Comes from corn, which is a renewable resource.

Feature & Advantage   ✔Producing this kind of plastic creates much less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastic production.                                                 ✔65% less energy is needed to produce corn-based plastic than to produce conventional plastic.

Certificates                   EN13432, OK Compost, OK Compost HOME, ASTM D6400, AS4736 and AS5810, ISO14001: 2015, ISO9001: 2015, etc 

PLA Food Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags Specification

1. Product Name:

PLA Food Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags Specification

2. Material Structure:

PLA + PBAT + Corn Starch

3. Industry:

Food Package

4. Product Feature:

 100% Biodegradable

 Healthy material

 Good moisture resistanceStrong sealing

 Extended preservation


5. Core Advantages of PLA Food Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags

  5.1 Long Lasting Freshness

  Good vacuum effect, lock fresh and lock smell,

  moisture-proof and no musty smell


  5.2 High Transparency of the Bag

  High transparency and no peculiar smell


  5.3 New Food Grade Material

The raw material is PLA + PBAT + corn starch,

which is healthier and environment friendly


6. Size: 20*30cm

7. Thickness: ≥ 0.05mm

8. Color: Gravure printing/CMYK printing

9. Recommend Usages:

 Restaurant Kitchen


 House Kitchen

10. Product Details:

  1. Uniform edge sealing and easy tearing on both side

  2. Toughness and resistance to pull

  3. A variety of product sizes are available to meet different needs