Niujian joined venture with state-owned enterprises to create a global L/C service platform

Niujian Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Future Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the State Council, jointly established Zhejiang Flying Leopard Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to build a state-owned holding service company that provides international letters of credit for the medical industry. We uphold the business philosophy of professional focus, stability and efficiency, relying on the company's excellent professional team and perfect L/C service system, we are committed to becoming a world-famous L/C service company.

Zhejiang Future Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China agricultural development key construction fund Co., Ltd., which is one of the subsidiaries of the Agricultural Development Bank of China under the State Council. The actual subscribed capital of the State Council to the Agricultural Development Bank of China is RMB 5.7 million. In 2020, the company's operating revenue was 5.4 billion RMB and its total assets exceeded 12 billion RMB.

Background of controlling shareholder:

The State Council of the people's Republic of China, that is, the Central People's government, is the executive organ of the highest organ of state power and the highest state administrative organ. It is composed of the premier, vice premiers, State Councilors, ministers in charge of various ministries and commissions, the auditor general and the Secretary General. The State Council implements the premier responsibility system.

Agricultural Development Bank of China, a central financial enterprise, is the only agricultural policy bank in China directly under the leadership of the State Council. It was established in November 1994. The main responsibilities are to raise funds based on national credit in accordance with national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies, undertake agricultural policy financial business, act as an agent for the allocation of financial funds to support agriculture, and serve the development of agriculture and rural economy.

The international letter of credit platform built by Niujian Technology and Future Agriculture company, through the endorsement of state-owned enterprises, not only provides customers with high-quality medical products, but also reduces risks for international customers, and provides long-term and stable supply and marketing relations with international customers through the supply chain financial model.