Protective Gloves Have Become A Global Normalized Procurement Demand

The disposable gloves Market will have enough growth in the future. According to Sullivan's statistics, from 2019 to 2025, the compound growth rate of disposable gloves sales will reach 15.9%, much higher than 8.2% in 2015-2019. The total sales of disposable gloves in 2025 is expected to reach 1285 billion. This is mainly due to the increase in demand stimulated by the epidemic. Due to the improvement of people's awareness of health protection and the strategic reserves of governments and relevant departments, the consumption of disposable gloves will continue to increase even after the end of the epidemic, and the whole industry will precipitate a large permanent increment, with huge market space in the future.

According to the data of international trade center, the per capita consumption of medical gloves in China is only 6, which is far lower than the average consumption level of 33 in the world. It is far from Europe, America, Japan and other countries. There is still great room for improvement in the domestic market in the future.

It will be normal for the epidemic situation to compete with human beings. Nitrile gloves will be used as necessary protective articles, and the procurement volume will increase year by year. There will be more protective functional gloves with subdivided functions in the glove Market in the future.

Functional Carbon Reduction and Environmental Protection Gloves Urgently Need To Be Developed

1) European and American countries lack glove production lines and rely on Asia for production capacity

Different from masks and other protective articles, the production of protective gloves is non standardized and needs to be developed, designed and built by each manufacturer. Taking Intco Medical as an example, its nitrile glove production line has a main chain length of nearly 1.5km and about 3000 control points, which makes it very difficult for the production line to operate efficiently, stably and with low energy consumption and ensure product quality. It is difficult for other manufacturers without disposable glove production experience to enter. Therefore, it is difficult for European and American countries to establish their own production lines, and the production capacity needs to rely on Asian imports.


2) The selection of glove products is less, and the future development space of functional gloves is necessary

Disposable health protection gloves can be divided into nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, latex gloves and PE gloves according to different materials, and can be divided into medical grade and non-medical grade according to quality grade and purpose. At present, there are only four types of gloves in the industry. There is great room for the development of new functional gloves, such as aloe, nitrile, chemotherapy gloves, etc. functional gloves are more environmentally friendly, comfortable and in great demand.

3) The traditional manufacturing mode of glove industry needs to be upgraded, and Niujian will build a digital chemical plant

Traditional protective glove manufacturing enterprises have a single business model, and a large number of small and medium-sized glove factories cannot compete with short-term enterprises. Relying on the technical advantages of blockchain. Niujian technology effectively connects all links of the value chain such as digital upgrading, intelligent production and user data of small and medium-sized glove factories to build a more efficient, flexible, diversified intelligent integrated digital factory production mode.