Deplasticized and Recyclable Economy



Under the general situation of global plastic ban and plastic restriction, as an alternative to disposable plastic packaging, the demand for de-plasticization, environmental protection and recyclability has surged. The concept of green packaging has become the preferred solution for medical, food, cold chain, daily chemical and other industries.


Regarding de-plasticization, the main concern of users is whether the function can meet the original plastic product or paper-plastic composite product, such as the waterproof, oil-proof, moisture-proof performance of the barrier function and the requirements for subsequent processing, such as heat sealing performance, etc. Product research and development that provides one-stop solution for de-plasticizing packaging is one of the projects of, which realizes the de-plasticizing of packaging, and finally achieves, recyclable, degradable, which realize truly efficient recycling, achieve true de-plasticization and practice of the concept of circular economy development. adheres to creating a sustainable ecology of the environmental protection packaging industry, the sustainable development of the social environment as its corporate development creed, and is determined to build a benchmarking enterprise in the environmental protection new material industry. has a safe and environmentally friendly production concept and production technology, and adheres to the principle of high-quality production. has made breakthroughs in product research and development in the fields of medical consumables soft packaging, food packaging, daily chemical paper packaging, etc., and provides one-stop solutions for de-plasticization packaging to meet customer customization and multi-variety needs. Our products have obtained food packaging product safety certifications from China GB, the United States FDA, the European Union EU, and product safety test report and product degradable report from other countries. actively introduces advanced management system, quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, and has QS safety production license and other relevant qualifications to escort customer product safety!


With advanced production concepts, strong production technology and talent team, develops innovative technology paths, creates better products and services, undertakes the value mission of sustainable development of the earth's ecology, and continues to grow to become a more sophisticated technology, which eventually become a leader in the environmental protection new material industry with more professional services.