Multifunctional Bottle Washing & Filling Station Specification

Production details: 


Automatic bottle washing machine is mainly used for polyester bottle, glass bottle washing, suitable for beverage factory, winery, sauce and vinegar factory and other food manufacturers before filling automatically wash the bottle. 

Machine feature: 


1.Compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.

2.Fast speed, high automation.

3.Stainless steel frame, high quality components, stable and durable. 

Technical parameters: 


1.Production capacity:1500-1800BPH(Whole filling line speed)

2.Washing head:12

3.Bottle diameter:50-120mm(can be customized)

4.Bottle height:100-350mm(can be customized)

5.Total power: 1KW

6.Voltage:220V/380V/50HZ(can be customized)

7.Water consumption (m3/h): 1.8

8.Dimensions: 1500*1100*1900mm 9 Machine net weight: 450kg 

Product Description: 


The equipment is the first choice for sterilization of empty cans into aseptic workshop. This machine is composed of two sections, each section is composed of two quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp irradiation, are installed in the upper part, down from the previous exposure, the upper part of the stainless steel plate can be easily removed, easy to maintain. Appearance of stainless steel structure, transmission shaft carbon steel plating. 




Voltage:220/110v 50/60hz

Outline dimension:1000*400*1150mm Weight:200kg 

Room Layout - Room Size: 5.5m * 10m = 55m square

Product description: 


This machine is specially used in food, such as liquor, juice, vinegar, seasoning, vegetable oil, syrup, mineral water, and so on. Note: the filling range and speed can be designed according to user needs to design different filling head number. 

Machine Features: 


1. Man-machine friendly English interface, intelligent touch screen, user-friendly design, simple and intuitive operation.

2. Drip proof filling valve design, accurate measurement.

3. Microcomputer programmable (PLC) control, transform specifications, modify parameters convenient.

4. Accurate liquid sensing, automatic rehydration, atmospheric fixed channel parameters.

5. The specially designed integral lifting mechanism is convenient and quick to adjust. 

6. Photoelectric sensing and pneumatic door linkage control, lack of bottle, automatic protection.

7. Pneumatic control valve, efficient and safe. Each channel can be individually adjusted and cleaned.

8. Compact positioning design, easy adjustment, suitable for a variety of specifications bottles.

9. The whole machine is designed according to the requirement of GMP. 



1.Filling volume:100-1000ml

2.Filling velocity:1200-1500BPH

3.Filling Head:6

4.Power supply (VAC):220V/380V

5.Power (W):2000

6.Gas consumption (MIN):0.6m3/min

7.Outline dimension(MM):2000*1100*2100 8.Weight(KG):450 

Configuration List:





Touch screen






Intermediate reply



Pneumatic components

Taiwan China



Taiwan China


Optical fiber electric eye



Frequency converter







Machine Details:

6 Heads Gravity Filling Machine

Machine Introduction: 


Widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. 



1.Automatic cap sorting,automatic cap feeding,automatic capping,high production speed, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation.

2.Can be applied to the shape of a round bottle, square, all kinds of special-shaped, strong applicability.

3.The replacement of different specifications of the bottle, the lid needs only a simple adjustment, easy to operate.

4.Low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life.

5.Adjustable cap sorting speed.

6.Automatic start and stop function.

7.Can be inline use with filling and labeling machines. 

Technical Parameter: 


1.Supply power:AC 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ


3.Bottle height:30-300MM(can be customized)

4.The application of diameter:20-38MM(can be customized)

5.The application of bottle diameter:35-120MM(can be customized)

6.Production speed:1300-1800BPH

7.Dimension:2000X990X2050MM 8.Weight:350KG

Auto Capping Machine