Multifunctional Bottle Washer Specification

Production details: 

Machine model: DMD-D1

Machine size: 685mm*800mm*1455mm

Packaging size: 800mm*900mm*1650mm

Power supply (Ac): 380V/50HZ/3P

Total power (Kw): 15

Washing water temperature (℃) : 50℃-65℃

Rinsing water temperature (℃) : 60℃-85℃

Wash capacity: 30 bottles per time

Cleaning method: High-pressure cleaning, high-temperature disinfection

Cleaning time: 1min/2min/3min

Option Inlet port size: G 3/4"

Weight: 107KG


1. Our automatic model bottle washers are extremely compact, alternate cycle machines;

2. Extremely effective washing cycle, running costs (water, electricity, detergent) can be reduced while still obtaining excellent washing results and ensuring that the bottles are perfectly cleaned, their labels completely detached and their insides totally emptied;

3. Thermo-stop system that meet HACCP requirements, hood operated start/stop functions option, wash/rinse arm with easy to remove & clean nozzles;

4. Door safety switch, break tank for council regulations, built in rinse aid/sanitizer & detergent pump;

5. Easy access for maintenance, temperature displayed, fully automatic process;

6. Made of international stainless steel material, solid and durable, meeting the national food safety standard;

7. The efficient and easy-to-use multifunctional bottle washer cleans residues inside and outside the bottles.

8.The sterilization phase eliminates bacteria, resulting in a perfectly sterile container for the products;

9.Easy to clean, rinse wash sanitize small to large all type of bottles;

10. Excellent glass bottle cleaning function, fully enclosed cleaning, reducing hot gas loss