Glass Bottle Crates Specification

Production details: 


Plastic crates are rectangular containers made of a durable, lightweight plastic material.

They are designed to hold a specific number of glass bottles, typically 12, in a compact

and secure manner for storage and transportation. The size of the plastic crate is typically

determined by the size of the bottles it is designed to hold, and the internal structure of

the crate is usually made up of individual compartments that are the right size and shape

to hold each bottle securely in place. The plastic material used to make the crate is typically

strong and resistant to impact, which helps to protect the bottles during handling and

transportation. Many plastic crates also feature built-in handles for easy carrying and stacking,

and they can often be nested inside one another for space-efficient storage when they are not

in use. Overall, plastic crates are a versatile and practical solution for transporting and storing

glass bottles, as they are lightweight, durable, and designed to securely hold a specific number

of bottles, such as 12, for convenient handling and storage.


Packaging Standard:

External: 400mm*300mm*325mm;

Internal: 375mm*280mm*315mm;

Bottle hole: 90*90mm


Quality Guarantee Period: 12 months