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Nitrile Giga Factory



Nitrile Gloves Group Co., Ltd have built the largest production plant of protective gloves in China, Asia Pacific Region, covering an area of 2 million square feet, including 12 production workshops. Each workshop is 140 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters high, with 96 productions lines of nitrile examination gloves.  Currently, can supply 500million boxes/year, target to become the best quality of medical nitrile gloves factory in the world. With the deterioration of the global epidemic, the demand of glove industry is increasing, and the cost of glove raw materials is also rising. In order to better serve global customers, Nitrile Gloves Group Co., Ltd and Fairview Partners Ltd jointly launched the investment cooperation plan of 100 production lines to provide customers with high-quality construction guarantee, so as to buy gloves with reasonable price and provide stable and long-term protective gloves supply services.

Core Advantages 


Compared with other companies, nitrile gloves produced by have outstanding competitive advantages. Through technological innovation and raw material research and development, we have established protective barriers. Our core advantages as follows:


1) Green & Recycle

The nitrile gloves we produce are green and recyclable, and can be recycled as renewable resources. The recycled nitrile gloves can be used for shoe soles and tire ingredients, which plays an important role in environmental protection.


2) Eco Aloe Nitrile Gloves

We add aloe and other plant elements into the gloves. Aloe is not only environmentally friendly and has a good nursing effect on the skin, but also has its special therapeutic effect and maintenance function, so that the skin of people who use aloe nitrile gloves for a long time can maintain moisture and elasticity. Aloe contains rich nutrition, and the synergy between components produces the excellent nursing performance of Aloe on the skin.


3) The World's Leading Glove Production Line

The length of the 1700 meter production line allows the gloves to have sufficient vulcanization time, which is more than 20 minutes, so that the gloves have enough toughness and are not easy to break. It has excellent production speed and time: about 170pcs/minutes-175pcs/minutes, so that the production line can maintain stable production;


4) Environmental Protection Control System

Extremely strict quality inspection requirements, with advanced chlorine treatment devices: reasonably deal with the chlorine pollution caused by the chlorine washing process, and control the discharge of chlorine pollution within the safety range required by the state. With the core equipment imported from Germany - ice maker: to cool the rubber tank and ensure that each hand mold can reach the appropriate temperature to produce more high-quality gloves. Conduct water lifting test every 1 hour


5) Comprehensive Mosquito Control System

A comprehensive mosquito control system has been installed in the whole production line, which can prevent mosquito pollution to the production line


6) Utilization of Clean Energy to Promote Carbon Neutralization

Photovoltaic power generation on the roof of the factory is used to provide clean and renewable energy for the factory, reduce power costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and make it greener, environmental friendly and sustainable.

Nitrile Gloves Recycle Facility



Working Principle Pour in the nitrile gloves that need to be crushed, put them through the feeding port, and the products fall into the crushing room independently. The cutter will crush the nitrile gloves during the rotation process, and the nitrile gloves will fall after being crushed by the mutual cutting of the moving knife and the fixed knife. Small particles will fall into the receiving box through the screen hole, and the larger particles that have not been crushed will be further cut until they reach the particle size required by the screen hole. Characteristics of nitrile glove crusher

1. Copper wire motor, stable operation and low noise.

2. According to different crushing materials, SKD-11 all steel and skh2 high-speed steel cutters are configured to make crushing smoother.

3. Claw type double-sided knife edge, when the tool is worn, it can continue to be used by changing the direction, reducing the number of tool grinding

4. Small land occupation, convenient installation and movement

5. The hopper box is sandwich and filled with sound insulating materials

6. All steel frame and base to strengthen the stability of the machine body.

7. A double-layer sealing device is set behind the crushing chamber, and the knife body fits closely to prevent powder from leaking into the bearing seat and increasing the load of the motor.

8. The large machine can be equipped with circulating water system and cylinder lifting screen frame hopper;.

Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves has the latest invention that provide biodegradable nitrile gloves, which has the advantages of biodegradable gloves and solves the problem that the existing nitrile gloves cannot be degraded quickly, causing environment issue. Biodegradation is a process by which microbial organisms transform or alter organic matter introduced into the environment through  metabolic or enzymatic action. This is carried out by an assortment of bacteria, fungi, insects, worms, and other organisms that decompose biodegradable material back into natural elements.


The biodegradable nitrile gloves are provided with thickener, stabilizer and inorganic filler. When preparing the biodegradable nitrile gloves, the thickener, stabilizer, inorganic filler and water in the same proportion are first poured into the high-temperature mixer to stir to obtain additives. The function of thickener is to increase the adhesion between glove raw materials, and the stabilizer is to ensure that no other chemical reactions will occur between glove raw materials, improve the comprehensive effect by setting biodegradable materials, foaming agents and foam stabilizers.


Biodegradation takes place when the gloves are disposed of in anaerobic conditions, such as landfills. Normally, Nitrile is difficult to break down, as anaerobic soil microbes have little natural affinity to the polymer, which accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in active landfills and anaerobic conditions, through naturally occurring microbial activity in such conditions.


Biodegradable nitrile gloves retain the same properties as regular nitrile disposables until they are discarded in landfills or soil, at which point degradation begins.